I use collage, acrylics, photographs, antique paper, text, postal stamps, dollar bills, tarot cards, even insect wings! anything that is interesting for it's color or texture, to create new collages in different formats from canvases, to wood to journals! My new pieces are all for sale, so e-mail me if you're interested, enjoy!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

i'm not really surprised by this, but i don't really like this writing in english, not that i don't like the language, but i don't feel that I really come accross as i wish, sometimes i feel a little stiff, for lack of a better word... or i feel that i can't find the right words. i think the problem might be i'm thinking things in spanish and then trying to translate as i go, and it dosen't really work so well...or is it "work so good" i dunno....and then there's the thing about the site... it's a little frustrating to realise how little I know about computer programming, I wish I could draw stuff on the site by hand and glue some other stuff manually, I guess I could but I would be the only one to see it! (and i would ruin my computer screen in the process, though it would look pretty...) But not to worry, I'll figure this thing out, and in a couple of weeks I'll have a beautiful site with all kinds of pretty links and cool fonts, oh well, if not, i'll just keep the template like it is since that's the reason they have them for, anyway...
I guess I'm a little sad about Mexico loosing the game today, we were all so excited about it... there's always a next time.