I use collage, acrylics, photographs, antique paper, text, postal stamps, dollar bills, tarot cards, even insect wings! anything that is interesting for it's color or texture, to create new collages in different formats from canvases, to wood to journals! My new pieces are all for sale, so e-mail me if you're interested, enjoy!

Friday, June 30, 2006


I thought it would be fun to participate in illustration friday
This week's theme is sticky, I thought about a sticky song, for me it's usually any song by britney spears... you know when you hear a catchy song and no matter how much you try, you can't get it out of your mind?? it can drive me crazy sometimes! I've been stuck with oops I did it again, many, many, many times....
This image is a lady in a class or seminar somewhere, and she's trying desperately to pay attention to what's being said, but somehow she's lost in her world where she's queen, and britney rules!
The text in the green bubble has the song's lyrics and also some thoughts, like for example... "i wonder if she still has that red jumpsuit... but more importat, i wonder if she still fits in it!"...

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Now don't get me wrong, I also love going to starbucks and getting my coffee from the very talented baristas that can make your wishes come true adding all kinds of flavors, caffeine, whipped cream, and even, if you're in the mood, sprinkles!
But I would always enjoy my coffee more if I'm the one brewing it, filling the kitchen with the smell of coffee is a wonderful thing... From choosing the kind of coffe I want (it also depends on my mood) maye a lighter blend for a breakfast coffee or maybe an expresso blend? mmm... and then, choosing the right coffee pot! I have two that I use fairly often, one of them is an italian stove top coffee pot that I still find fascinating to see how it works! it's the kind of instrument I would never put in the dishwasher, I always treat it with respect, washing it by hand.
The only thing about this coffee pot is that I can only make 2 or 3 cups of coffee and sometimes it seems it takes forever to brew.. so now recently a friend gave me a percolator as a present, I loved it! I can brew about 12 cups in one minute!

And then there's the choosing of the cup! One of my favorite parts of my morning! I have a plastic traveling cup for the car, but for some reason it doesn't taste the same as drinking from a ceramic cup, and if you're like me, you might have a favorite one...
Maybe I'm crazy but it doesn't taste the same way.

My percoltor looks like this! very modern looking if you ask me

Monday, June 26, 2006

Today I just finished this commision! this piece is going to Guadalajara, Mexico, I hope to send it tomorrow. It's called 494, it's based on a caption from a book from Saint Jose Ma. Escriva de Balaguer (the founder of the Opus Dei, to learn more click here) the book is called the way and it's an interesting book full with counsel and thoughts that lead to reflexion.

The requirements from the clients were few, she wanted two small canvases ( each one is 8" x 10") and it's meant to hang in the entrace to the house, so I thought, who can give you a better welcome that Mary!, this theme also suited the client, so I started thinking about the virgin Mary, and the first thing that came to mind was the basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico City (wonderful altar!) and of course, flowers (It's customary in Catholic churches in Mexico to give flowers to Maria as a sign of respect) I wanted to try something new so I drew some the flowers by hand, they seem to be glowing for some reason! :)

I liked this theme, it's the first time I've drawn a Virgen of Guadalupe, and I loved the outcome! the little golden squares remind me of the altar in the Basilica, and the flowers, they look kind of mechanical (and luminous), for these I used pieces I found in a disposable camera (inspiration is everywhere)

Saturday, June 24, 2006

i'm not really surprised by this, but i don't really like this writing in english, not that i don't like the language, but i don't feel that I really come accross as i wish, sometimes i feel a little stiff, for lack of a better word... or i feel that i can't find the right words. i think the problem might be i'm thinking things in spanish and then trying to translate as i go, and it dosen't really work so well...or is it "work so good" i dunno....and then there's the thing about the site... it's a little frustrating to realise how little I know about computer programming, I wish I could draw stuff on the site by hand and glue some other stuff manually, I guess I could but I would be the only one to see it! (and i would ruin my computer screen in the process, though it would look pretty...) But not to worry, I'll figure this thing out, and in a couple of weeks I'll have a beautiful site with all kinds of pretty links and cool fonts, oh well, if not, i'll just keep the template like it is since that's the reason they have them for, anyway...
I guess I'm a little sad about Mexico loosing the game today, we were all so excited about it... there's always a next time.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

These are new pieces for my journal series. This one is called "traveling fairies" These two friends are having a great time! where do you think they might be? Maybe a beach somewhere in Greece....or Bombay.
I wanted them to look like they were flying in the sky but they would have none of that, they wanted a beach! so there you go.

For this one I used a real picture, the wings are a from a London map, and a piece of an old 1879 hand written deed from Mexico

This one is called "Fortune fairy" I started this one with the idea of a traveling fairy, she would know everything about foreign currency (since she lives in a bill) and she might be traveling far from home (since she's from Canada, as you can see...) maybe somewhere like China or Japan, but then she started telling me I had it all wrong, she was not traveling anywhere, she was someone else I hadn't figured out yet, so as I kept working on her, she started to give me numbers... lotto numbers!! and that's when I realised... she's a fortune fairy! She always knows the winning numbers though she won't tell you.
Well, maybe if you keep her around, she'll bring you all kinds of fortune...

For this piece I used a canadian one dollar bill, a piece of an old 1879 handwritten deed from Mexico, real insect wings from an ugly thing called cicada (if you want to find out how they look like, go here http://cicadamania.com/cicadas/ )

Also I used tissue paper with stars, and a check stub from 1947 (from my husband's grandfather!)

My name is Rosa Murillo and I am an artist! Yes! I can finally say I am a working artist... and for a while there I thought I was an architect (which is what my diploma says, anyway) still, architecture is a dear friend, but only in painting and collage I have found true meaning. (By the way, that's me in the picture with the little wings)
I work with collage and acrylics, and different found papers and postal stamps, I've been working on collage for a few years and now I have a few new projects I'm exited about, one of them is a series of journals I'm preparing with different themes, these ones are about fairies and the inspiration they bring
, it makes me smile to think about little fairies helping us without us even noticing them!
This one on the right is called "Writer's Fairy" and I imagine her watching over someone who is writing a great novel so she'll make sure the writer always finds the right words and ideas.
Please come bck soon for updates o new collages, thanks!