I use collage, acrylics, photographs, antique paper, text, postal stamps, dollar bills, tarot cards, even insect wings! anything that is interesting for it's color or texture, to create new collages in different formats from canvases, to wood to journals! My new pieces are all for sale, so e-mail me if you're interested, enjoy!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

This is found art tuesdays card number 6! It's 6 already! It seems I just stared doing these last week but it's now a month and a half. I remember when my daughter turned 6 weeks old, it was a big deal, at least for me. She wasn't waking up at all hours anymore so the whole thing was becoming more predictable, the light at the end of the tunnel shone like a little firefly and my doctor gave the OK to exercise again, and so I no longer had the excuse of being fat because "I had just delivered a baby" but that was almost 4 years ago... and I digress... so, back to today, this is a 6' x 4' card made in watercolor paper with a black marker and a little bit of watercolor, why did I chose red? I should've chosen the blue, shouldn't I? Red was the first color I found and I guess it turned out ok, don't you think?
I was thinking of ways to make the art more visible to the people out there that inhabit this city because no one seems to notice them! So last week I started with a post-it note attatched to the "Home" piece that said "read me" of course people will do whatever you tell them to do and more likely if they're caught with their guard down, so you can guess what happened.. everybody that saw it, read it of course, but left it right there in that little napkins-and-sugar island at the coffee shop! So this time I took a bolder approach! oh yes Huntersville people! this time I put another post-it note but this time it said "Can you set me free! please un-tape me, read me and keep!" so if this doesn't work I don't know what will...
I taped the card to the back of a chair at Cafe Mia (I think they have the most wonderful chairs around) and besides, I love the place... but I couldn't stay and see if the post it worked because my two little sideckicks thought it was a beautiful day to just sit inside (I'm talking about my kids here...) so we left, but I do hope someone found it... and took it for a change.
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thanks for reading!

I can't upload the rest of the pictures, to see them go here


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