I use collage, acrylics, photographs, antique paper, text, postal stamps, dollar bills, tarot cards, even insect wings! anything that is interesting for it's color or texture, to create new collages in different formats from canvases, to wood to journals! My new pieces are all for sale, so e-mail me if you're interested, enjoy!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Time Stand Still!

There are so many things to do, and so many things to see, I find myself dwarfed by all the artists I see here and there, so many blogs to see, time isn't enough! I find myself sleeping less and less reading and reading, looking at all this art, inspiring yes, but oh I feel so sad.. so many swaps I want to enter, so many things I would like to learn how to make, so many workshops, so many great ideas, and also, so many things I have to do in the day... the kids, the cooking, the picking up, the boo boos, the driving here and getting there, the gym, the play dates, the playground, the pool, the day is for everyone else, the night is for me, so I sleep less and less... and yesterday I went to the doctor and found out I needed a tetanus shot... a tetanus shot!!!??? can you still get tetanus these days? the nurse said yes, it's everywhere, the bacteria lives in every corner of your house (her exact words) yikes! so there I was, getting a tetanus shot, small tears came out, I don't know why. and today my arm hurts, and my head hurts and my whole self needs comforting and a reason to think it's all worth while. and now I need to go be somewhere and do things, like every other day, so off I go, and I will try to remeber I can't enter (and keep up with) every yahoo group with the word "collage" in it, every art swap, every juried exhibit, every gallery call, if I want to sleep a little bit... cause everything else is not winding down, there's gonna be messes and boo boos and cooking and laundry and cleaning and folding laundry, thats not stopping anytime soon.... and thank God for that, I love my family and taking care of them.

have a nice weekend everyone.


Blogger BionicBuddha said...

life is overwhelming...understanding and balancing today's expectations with the physical limitations is a constant struggle for many. I am also having a difficult time reconciling these issues.


7:03 PM

Blogger The Unknown said...

This is a beautiful piece of art. I really love it.
I feel the same way about getting around on the web. I just have to belive I'm seeing exactly what the spirit needs me to see.

1:48 AM

Anonymous sarah.b said...

I adore your art, so deep and the layers, SO YUMMY!!! Thanks for stoppin by my blog, you are a huge inspiration for me, that meant a lot!!!

1:13 PM

Blogger bingo and betty said...

... interesting work.

10:47 PM

Anonymous melanie said...

It is definitely difficult to find time for it all. I think we all have to pick and choose what is most important to us and know that it is okay to let some things go. For me, it was groups and swaps. They took so much of my energy and time, and although they can be fulfilling, I found they just aren't necessary for my artistic soul to thrive. Blogs, books and magazines -- those are my must-haves (although even those I have to occasionally step back from if I find they are making me sad, self-critical or overwhelmed).

But everyone is different in their likes and dislikes, goals and dreams. Don't be afraid to release some of the art-related stuff... I would hate for you to get burned out because I would truly miss seeing all your inspiring art!

11:42 AM


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